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Association Canadienne des Programmes en Administration Publique

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Association Canadienne des Programmes en Administration Publique (ACPAP)
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Jeudi 31 mai 2018 - Vendredi 1 juin 2018
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The Canadian Association for Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA) is excited to announce its seventh annual Research Conference in Public Administration, Policy, and Management to be held May 31 - June 1, 2018 at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan.

Building on the theme of Congress 2018, "Gathering diversities | mâmawinitotân nanâtohk-ayisiyiniwa," CAPPA will focus on diverse gatherings in Canadian, Indigenous, Provincial and Territorial contexts that have engendered new innovations that enable communities to thrive, particularly in adverse times. Diversity has fostered innovation in public policy and governance throughout Canada's history. Saskatchewan is well known for pioneering many of Canada's policy innovations, including medicare, and for developing many of its most distinguished public servants.

Following the CAPPA 2017 conference's focus on 'Public Administration in Canada,' CAPPA 2018 will explore the past, present, and future roles of Canada's provinces, territories, and Indigenous peoples in advancing policy and governance in Canada under the theme "Diverse Gatherings: IPT Innovations."

Innovative models in Indigenous, provincial and territorial administration, management and policy; IPT innovations in Canadian federalism; opportunity or threat; Spotlighting northern innovations in public administration, management and policy; Mechanisms and obstacles impacting the transfer of IPT innovations across domestic and international borders; Governance structures and processes needed to foster greater IPT innovation; The role of collaboration (across disciplines, institutions, governments, etc.) to foster innovation in academic programming in public administration and public policy

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Le 26 janvier 2018
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Le 31 mai 2018
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Cheryl Camillo, University of Regina

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Karen Jaster-Laforge, University of Regina