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Association d'études de la sexualité

Association N° 303
Association d'études de la sexualité (AÉS)
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Dimanche 27 mai 2018 - Mardi 29 mai 2018
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To complement the Congress theme Gathering Diversities, the SSA has selected the conference theme Ecosexualities.

We aim to create a space that addresses the intersections between sexualities, ecologies, and economies while challenging the unquestioned assumptions of the Anthropocene. SSA, in partnership with ESAC, is proud to present a Keynote by Dr. Kim TallBear, Associate Professor, Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta, and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples, Technoscience & Environment. She will give the talk, "Decolonial Sex and Relations at the End of a World" on Tuesday, May 28th (time and location TBA).

The Sexuality Studies Association (SSA) is a scholarly association for scholars, artists, activists and all community members who have an interest in the teaching and study of sex, sexuality and gender diversity. The SSA provides opportunities to connect the broader research, artistic, and activist communities, and to mentor and support each other in our work. As scholars, artists and activists working in the field of critical sexuality studies, we are queerly positioned in relation to a multiplicity of normativities: the xenophobia of traditional academic and disciplinary boundaries, the neoliberal state?s regulatory framework of citizenship, and the linear simplicity of chrononormativity. Neoliberal shifts in knowledge production and its valuation narrow the terrain of legitimate scholarship into the (re)productive emphasis on experiential knowledge, empirical results, and practical applications. The subsequent devaluing of ?non-productive? knowledges shapes the ability for resistance within and beyond the academy, making sexual justice pedagogies all the more timely.

Indigeneity, homonationalism and the challenge to the heteropatriarchal state; Queer inter/trans disciplinary pedagogies; Activist and artivist resistances, aesthetics and cultural production; Indigenously queer, trans; and multiple identities; Archives, ephemera, epistemologies, futures, optimisms; Queering media, technology, artivist, and archivist practices; Intersectional interpretations of sexual ecologies; Critical, contemporary scholarship in sexualities studies from other perspectives

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disponible à partir du printemps 2018

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Le 15 décembre 2017
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Le 27 mai 2018
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Carol Dauda, University of Guelph

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Claire Carter, University of Regina