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Société canadienne pour l’étude de la rhétorique

Association N° 111
Société canadienne pour l’étude de la rhétorique (SCÉR)
Dates de conférence : 
Dimanche 27 mai 2018 - Mardi 29 mai 2018
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Rhetoric is the study of strategic communication through the lens of "rhetorical" theories and perspectives. Rhetorical theory, criticism, and pedagogy provide insight and instruction into how people communicate effectively (or ineffectively) and ethically (or unethically) in order to inform, persuade and/or delight their audiences. Our 2018 special topic is "That's not rhetoric!" "Yes it is." This dialogic theme invites participants to discuss and debate the borders of our definitions of rhetoric and what they mean to the way we see the world and speak, write, and act within it.

We are a plenary conference. Presentations usually take place in one room, without concurrent sessions. We believe this fosters collegiality and discussion among participants. We encourage and mentor graduate students to be involved in our conference. We are a bilingual society with presenters in French and/or English.

Our conference is of interest to scholars in many liberal arts disciplines, especially those who study communication, languages, writing, argumentation, history, and philosophy. Scholars in sciences and professional fields occasionally employ rhetorical theories to understand and teach communication in their fields. We welcome presentations on the following topics: rhetorical theory, criticism, and/or history; rhetoric in popular culture and everyday life; rhetoric and the media, film, gaming, and visual culture; rhetoric and the physical environment; rhetoric and the body, sports or performance; rhetoric in the fine arts and literature; rhetoric and identity, women's/gender studies; rhetoric in various disciplines and professions; rhetorical discourse analysis and genre studies; rhetoric of political, legal or public discourse; biographical research on rhetors or rhetoricians; interdisciplinary perspectives on rhetoric

Programme : 
Mise à jour : 2018-05-25
Date limite des invitations à présenter des communications : 
Le 15 janvier 2018
Réception du recteur : 
Le 27 mai 2018
Responsables de programme : 

Tania Smith, University of Calgary; John Moffatt, University of Saskatchewan

Coordonnateurs locaux/Coordonnatrices locales : 

Sylvain Rheault, University of Regina